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About School

Language School «Level UP» is the perfect place to learn English and Thai language with professional teachers! 

We've developed effective Thai language courses. Our goal is to provide you the best study environment and the opportunity to communicate more easily on a foreign language. Level UP stands out that learning process is not based on memorizing individual words or phrases, but on the principle of thinking in a foreign language.

Study with us

English and Thai language

We offer two types of study process: group or individual class. Here is the full list of courses that we've developed.

All teachers are native speakers!

Based on your language proficiency we'll offer you a rage of levels:

  • English. Beginner
  • English. Elementary
  • English. Pre-Intermediate
  • English. Intermediate
  • English. Upper Intermediate
  • English. Advanced

Study process of Thai language is based on our own methodology,  proved by many years of experience.

Common Thai Course (160 hours) is the most optimal for those who stay in Thailnd for a long-term period. You will be able to communicate in Thai language in just a few months!

Thai Language Courses by "Level UP":

  • Thai. "Reading in Thai"
  • Thai. Course "Master-class"
  • Thai. Common course.
  • Thai. Advanced course.

Come to "Level UP" language school to get a free-trial class and make your decision!